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Kelly started out her career in Landscape Design. She worked at The Private Gardner and The Katie Gingrass Gallery in Downtown Milwaukee where she continued to refine her eye and approach to design. She wanted to combine the interior and exterior living experience to seamlessly flow together so she went back to school for her degree in Interior Design. She worked for Deep River Partners  and then went on to a 15 year immersive experience at HGA Architects and Engineers where she continued to refine her eye, skill and design approach on projects as diverse as a hair salon to a condominium development in the Third Ward in Milwaukee to a $400 million replacement hospital in New Jersey. All this brought her to start her own business in 2016 based on the encouragement from a client. This provided the perfect opportunity for her to blend her 20+ years of experience in residential and commercial design, art consulting, and project management into a business where she can continue to be a trusted resource for her clients.

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